When walking and running in regular shoes, 30% of the weight is supported by our calves as our heels tend to take on the rest of the load. While using the Jump99 shoes, 100% of the weight in our body is supported by our calves. With Jump99 training shoes, the heel factor gets taken away. It feels like the user is always on his/her “tip toes” as the shoes forces them to rely heavily on the calf muscles. This shoe is not only made for people who look to become better at jumping, but actually can improve many aspects of an athlete. The Jump 99 training shoes mainly work to increase fast twitch muscle fibers (for explosive power), increase calve mass and definition,increase reactive strength and ability, improve sprint speed, and increase vertical jump. These several aspects can help people improve their athleticism and abilities for practically every sport.

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Benefits of Using


  • Lower 50M Dash time by 2/10ths of a second Increase

  • Fast Twitch muscle fibers for explosive power


  • Increase Vertical Jump by 5-10 inches

  • Increase calf mass and definition


  • Increase Reactive Strength and Agility


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It is important to warm up and stretch out muscles before and after wearing the Jump99 shoes. Everybody has different limits so it is okay to not follow the exact training schedule. There should be an emphasis on the quality and not the quantities of the exercises performed, the form should be correct to maximize results. These factors are important to consider to avoid injury while using the shoes. A 30 second to 1 minute rest period can be taken in between each set. It is recommended to not train more than 4 times a week as your muscles need time to fully repair after each workout.